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 (ROV Pilot controlling the underwater drone during inspection)

Remotely Operated Vehicles ROVs – A Technological Marvel!

5 Feb 2019 | Posted By

These unoccupied, highly manoeuvrable underwater robots/ underwater drones are operated by a pilot at the water surface that can access hard-to-reach areas or be used in hazardous conditions to inspect and assess submerged structures. ROVs come in a range of sizes, from that of a small computer to a small truck. The larger ones are rather heavy and require additional equipment such as a crane or a davit to put them over the side of a ship and into the water. [caption id="attachment_1497" align="alignnone" width="722"] (Planys ROV Beluga performing bridge inspection underwater)[/caption] Although the primary purpose of developing ROV’s was for industrial purposes, such as internal and external inspections of underwater pipelines and the structural testing of offshore platforms, ROVs are now being used for many applications, some of them scientific. In such a short time since their implementation in the real world, ROV’s have already proven themselves to be extremely valuable in ocean exploration. So much so, they are also used for educational programs too! This raving success does raise the question of what’s better... The old tried and…...