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(Planys ROV Mike performing Dam Inspection)

What makes ROV better than diver?

5 Feb 2019 | Posted By

What an ROV does is eliminates the need for human presence in the water, which in most cases, makes inspections simpler and safer to conduct than a diving operation or even a manned submersible. These vehicles are ideal for scour inspection is a type of structural inspection, confined spaces, deep water inspections, or deployment in any condition unsafe for diver entry. Judging by the pre/post dive safety precautions and the contingencies that are in place during diving operation, conducting diving inspections underwater is a demanding job that is even considered by some as the most dangerous job. And in this dangerous environment, a lot of multi-tasking is involved on the diver’s part in limited time and with limited endurance. They must be trained camera operators and are responsible for planning, researching, preparing equipment, and capturing the shot – all whilst managing their oxygen mixture levels and manoeuvring in limited visibility. This is why many engineers reviewing the inspection video recordings complain of the recorded footage being out-of-focus and “shaky”. [caption id="attachment_1502" align="alignnone" width="633"] (ROV Pilot and site engineer watching the…...