ROV Mike

MIKE is an electric remotely operated submersible vehicle specifically built for robust and calibrated visual inspection of offshore immersed structures. Classified under the observation class of ROVs, MIKE has the capability of reaching 100m depth, 6 degree of freedom control and unlimited endurance. Multiple on-board HD cameras with high intensity LED illumination provide live, clear and stable visual feedback to ROV pilot & surveyor. An exclusively developed advanced navigation and active control algorithms are tailored for live video and photo recordings under wave action and ocean currents. The design allows for control station to be positioned at a safe on-shore/on-ship site with rapid assembly and operations at field conditions.


Dimensions840 x 460 x 400 mm
Mass (payload)30 kg (8 - 15 kgs)
Dive capability100 meters
Nominal speed0.4 to 0.5 m/s
BuoyancyNeutrally Buoyant
Camera15 MP, 720p HD, 30 fps
Illumination2000 lumen LED source x 2
800 lumen LED source x 1
Vehicle power input220 VAC@50-60Hz (Single phase)
Power of vehicle system1000 W
Launch & Recovery (LARS)Manual
Command module screen size, brightness19 inch,1000 nits
Launch & Recovery (LARS)Manual
Command module screen size, brightness19 inch,1000 nits
ControllerWired Xbox 360 Joystick
Type of TetherNeutrally Buoyant
Standard Length100m
Max Length300m
WinchHand operated with brakes
Interfaces & ProtocolRS232, RS485 & Ethernet 10/100
Depth SensorSilicon Piezo-resistive, accuracy 0.05% FSO
Pitch and RollYes
Max. Pitch and Roll AnglePitch ± 90 Deg.; Roll ± 180 Deg.
Pitch, Roll and Heading Resolution0.05 Deg.