ROV Beluga

Beluga our next generation of advanced ROVs, will be more powerful than Mike with the ability to perform operations in sea-state 4-5 and reach 200m depth, with more than double the thrust capacity and a greatly improved vision & illumination system. Apart from visual inspection, Beluga is capable of performing ultrasonic thickness measurements, spot bio-fouling cleaning, cathodic protection (CP) potential measurements (for ships, offshore installations and other immersed structures) and various acoustic surveys (side-scan survey for seabed mapping, bathymetry and environmental surveys). Despite possessing such advanced features, Beluga is portable, lightweight and versatile, offering the ability to mount additional sensors on-demand for operations, tailored to client requirements.


DimensionsLength: 730 mm, Width: 820 mm, Height: 600 mm
Weight in Air (without Payload)53kgs
Max. Payload10-15 kgs
BuoyancyPositive 1.5%; Controlled using Buoyancy Modules
Vehicle Power InputElectric, 220 VAC @ 50-60 Hz (Single Phase)
Power Consumption1600 W (Nominal), 3000 W (Max.)
Depth Rating200 meters
Operating Temperature Range0 – 45 Deg. C
Launch and Recovery (LARS)Manual, Crane
Screen Size, Brightness1 x 19 inch, 1000 nits (Primary);
1 x 10 inch, 1000 nits (Secondary)
Controller Joystick4-axes
Electrical Safety & Distribution BoxIP64 enclosure; Short-circuit protection; Ground-fault/current-leak protection; Emergency shut down; Over current protection
Type of TetherNeutrally Buoyant, 300m Maximum Length, 12/15mm Diameter
Tether Control WinchHand operated with brakes
Control SystemAuto-Depth, Auto-Heading
Navigation Unit10 Axis IMU & AHRS; 0.05 Deg. Pitch, Roll and Heading Resolution
Payload Data Interfaces and ProtocolRS232, RS485, Ethernet 10/100/1000
Depth Sensor0.01% Full-Scale Accuracy; Temperature Compensated
PayloadsUT Thickness Measurement Probes (2.25 MHz, 4 – 150mm Range)
200 kHz Altimeter
450 kHz Side-Scan SONAR
Electric Rotating Brush Type Spot Cleaning Unit
1 DOF Extensible Arm (23 cm Extension)
LASER Ranging Unit
Underwater Vision2 x Forward Looking Cameras, 1 x Bottom Looking Camera; 720p 50 FPS Recording & Live Streaming up to 3 streams; 20x Optical Zoom, Image Stabilization, Image Defog
Illumination4000 Lumens Forward, 4000 Lumens Downward