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jetty - Underwater Inspections and Assessments of Ports

Underwater Inspections and Assessments of Ports

6 Nov 2019 | Posted By

The port industry is an asset intensive industry that is increasingly experiencing capital constraints. The world is experiencing exploding international trade, leading to an associated port and logistics chain congestion. Large investments are needed to increase the port capacity and productivity. As a result, if we take a look at some of the latest commercial deals of port businesses worldwide, we can see that there have been unprecedented price premiums, and thus a need to know and recover the true value of the infrastructure investments. Alongside, we are also observing new forms of ownership and investments and evolving financing models that necessitate developing reliable ‘fair market’ asset valuations of port resources. Before we deep dive into the asset management and maintenance in the ports and shipping industry, let’s get a quick understanding of some important terminologies. Ports vs Terminals A port is defined as an area on both land and water, whether on a seacoast or a riverbank, that provides facilities for shipping vessels to load and unload their cargo. This area, contained within 'port limits', will have been established…...