Manufacturing Technician/Draftsman

  • Job Type: Full time/ Regular
  • Location: Chennai
  • Qualification:
  • Experience:
Role Responsibilities:
  • Assist engineers in developing, building or testing prototypes or new products, processes or procedures.
  • Plan and layout work to meet production and schedule requirements.
  • Provide production, progress or changeover reports to supervisor.
  • Separate scrap or waste materials for recycling, reuse or environmentally sound disposal.
  • Clean production equipment and work areas.
  • Package finished products.
  • Support in In-house pressure chamber testing, CNC Router and 3D Printing.
  • Regular maintenance of ROVs, their sub systems and producing maintenance reports.
  • Maintaining the stores and updating the stores list on a periodic basis
  • Assisting in activities pertaining to testing of vehicle including but not limited to transportation, vehicle deployment and recovery, on-site maintenance, testing facility maintenance.
  • Procurement of raw material and consumables from vendors.
  • Deliver the raw materials to corresponding vendors for manufacturing.
  • Assist in manufacturing by providing drawings to vendors and getting the fabrication done
  • Provide engineering information, maintenance and repair support as per request
  • Maintenance of job specific setups required by operations team
  • Support in operations of ROV system on need basis.
Necessary Qualification

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or related fields.

Experience Required:

1+ Year of Experience in Manufacturing /Machine Handling such as VMC, CNC Lathe, Milling or other related experience in Mechanical Field.

Knowledge Required:
  • Good awareness and know-how to handle basic Mechanical tools and Machineries.
  • Actively committed to team’s development and willing to travel.
  • Vendor Management activities and Ensure cost effective integration of new products.
  • Deal with cash flow and Material flow, Improve manufacturing efficiency.
  • Basic computer knowledge added an advantage.
  • Good Communication and interpersonal skills, excellent attention to detail.