Electrical & Electronics Engineer

  • Job Type: Full time/ Regular
  • Location: Chennai
  • Qualification:
  • Experience:
Job Description:

Execution of technical and administrative tasks in electrical & electronics domain for the development of ROV and its sub-systems, in support of company’s objectives. The work profile is detailed as below.

  • Designing of core ROV sub-systems including power management (power converters), propulsion (motor controllers), illumination, vision, communication and associated embedded
    systems, following internationally recognized standards.
  • Analysis and evaluation of circuit designs based on simulation studies.
  • Manufacturing, assembling and testing of the modules in accordance with standards and protocols.
  • Study and programming of digital, analog and embedded electronics.
  • Selection of appropriate electrical and electronic hardware, in compliance with the requirements of ROV.
  • Development and execution of maintenance strategy for the ROV.
  • Preparation of product reports by collecting, analysing and summarizing the information.
  • Maintaining a database of design & manufacturing processes, testing protocols, failure logs, repairs and BOM.
  • Support in vendor selection and vendor management.
  • Participate in research and development objectives of the company.
Educational Qualifications:

Graduate or Post graduate in Electrical Engineering (EE), Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE), or an equivalent Engineering Degree in a related field.

Recommended Skills:
  • Proficient in PCB designing software and simulation tools.
  • Practical knowledge and experience with electronic components, equipment and sensors.
  • Familiarity with power converters and motor controllers.
  • Familiarity with micro-controller systems (AVR, ARM, etc.).
  • Knowledge of embedded systems programming.
  • Prior experience in PCB designing of electrical/electronic systems.
  • Experience of working with power converters, motor controllers and micro-controller systems.
  • Expertise in robotics/product development which can be demonstrated through past projects or professional experience.
Job location: