Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineer

  • Job Type: Full time/ Regular
  • Location: Chennai
  • Qualification:
  • Experience:
Job Description:

Planys as a player in survey industry deals with a various types digital data that needs to presented to clients, the data varies from simple word document describing scope of work till the high quality enhanced video footage. This data is interpreted in many ways depending on requirements of the clients sometimes this leads to unstructured and correlation of the data would be difficult unless there is an involvement of an expert in the field. Sometime this data analysis is required in real time and frequently in post processing of the data. This is where the importance of data scientist skills are required in structuring and understanding the correlations of the data between various sectors and various requirements and how to optimize the efforts in analyzing the data.

Role Description:

Your Primary goals of your job includes:

  • You are required to understand the trends in the data that Planys gathered during the operations and develop a system to process the data either real time or post operations
  • Creating data models for various categories depending on the data trends
  • Working with different teams and transforming the necessary requirements into technical solutions using AI/ML
  • You need to architect, develop and test a scalable software model as product inhouse
Educational Qualifications:

B.Tech/M.Tech/M.Sc in Computer Science or any related field

Recommended Skills:
  • Experienced in Linux environment for development
  • Proficient in one of modern languages like C++ and python
  • You need to have experience in image/video analytics using image processing tools like opencv or scikit-image
  • You need to have experience in text analytics using NLP tools kits either in C++ or Python
  • Hands on experience in data structures, algorithms and design patterns
  • Self driven and taking responsible attitude is important
  • Working proficiency and excellent communication skills in verbal and written English
  • Strong background in an agile software development environment
  • Highly self-motivated and directed
  • Proven analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment

1-2 years of experience in data scientist related roles