Who we are?

Planys Technologies is an IIT Madras incubated company that provides submersible robotic inspection and survey solutions using Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). Planys has its head office in Chennai where it indigenously designs and manufactures compact ROVs

Planys was founded by IIT Madras alumni and faculty who have been working together on various projects since 2012.

Planys brings world class technology and cutting-edge innovations in underwater robotics and diagnostics in the shallow-mid depth segment. Planys’ technology spans the domains of marine robotics, advanced Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE), and post-inspection analysis. Planys provides a holistic service offering to customers through a design level fusion of ROV manufacture, operations and structural diagnostics. Planys is the first and currently the only OEM of ROVs in the Indian Sub-continent.

Planys acknowledges all of its advisors and mentors from IIT Madras, IITM incubation Cell (IITMIC), CSIR-NIO Goa and NIOT Chennai and is grateful for their exemplary and unwavering motivation and guidance at every step of our journey.

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  • Breakwater Inspection
  • Jetty Inspection
  • Wharf Inspection
  • Riser Inspection
  • Dredging Support
    • Pre-Dredging Obstacles Survey
    • Bathymetry
  • Ship Hull Inspection
    • Inspection of Paint Loss
    • Ultrasonic Thickness Mapping
  • Bio-Fouling Inspection
  • Ship Propeller Inspection
  • UWILD (Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Dry Dock)
  • Ballast Tank Inspection
  • Platform Structure Inspection
  • Single Buoy Mooring Inspection
  • Submerged Cable Inspection
  • Submerged Pipeline Inspection
  • Pipeline Survey
  • Offshore Installation Support
  • Dam Inspection
  • Inspection for Radiation Leak
  • Thermal Plant Tank Inspection
  • Environment Monitoring
    • Toxicity
    • CTD
    • Effluent Monitoring
    • Radiation Mapping
  • Oceanographic Sampling
  • Seismic survey & Bathymetry
  • Archaeological Survey
  • Bridge inspection
  • Rail Bridges over Lakes/Rivers
  • Road Bridges over Lakes/Rivers
  • Rescue and Recovery Missions
  • Underwater Exploration

Why Planys

planys icon3 - Indigenous


Planys ROVs are completely designed and fabricated in India, echoing with ‘Make in India’

planys icon6 - Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Planys services offer high value proposition & provide unmatched customer experience

planys icon1 - 24x7 Operations

24×7 Operations

Planys ROVs have unlimited endurance and can operate efficiently for prolonged periods

planys icon4 - Quick Deployment

Quick Deployment

Planys ROVs are highly portable and require minimal support systems for launch and recovery

planys icon2 - Enhanced Video Stability

Enhanced Video Stability

Visuals from Planys ROVs are highly stable and live streamed to control station

planys icon5 - No Risk to Human Operator

No Risk to Human Operator

Planys ROVs can operate in hazardous conditions and inaccessible locations

Our Clients


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